Rod Sterling - The Twilight Man - Disc Jockey



A Disc Jockey at a wedding or corporate event is playing for a very diverse audience. Rod Sterling the Twilight Man carries music from the Big Band era of the 1940’s through current Top 40 hits, from Rock & Roll to Rhythm & Blues, from Jazz to Easy Listening to Country. Rod discusses music with clients prior to events to learn their preferences; he also respects a client’s wish to avoid specific songs or a certain genre of music.


Rod plays music that is appropriate for the crowd and appropriate for the moment. During the cocktail or dinner hour, the music is audible but not intrusive. When it comes time for dancing, Rod plays popular songs that people recognize, enjoy hearing and enjoy dancing to. There are certain songs regardless of age or genre that elicit a good response on the dance floor. Rod knows these songs from years of experience.


Rod takes requests from the crowd, however it is as important to know what not to play as what should be played. If Rod feels a song may be inappropriate or objectionable for any reason, he will not play it until first talking to the host. Rod is an expert at reading the crowd and feeling their energy, allowing him to customize the music for the crowd at any given time.



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